Tips on automatic pH management procedures

Tips on automatic pH management procedures

Maintaining optimal pH levels in bioreactors is a pivotal aspect of ensuring the success and efficiency of bioprocesses. Fluctuations in pH can significantly affect cellular growth rates, product yields, and the overall stability of the process. Automatic pH management, an integral feature of the Eggsbee Bioreactor system, offers a sophisticated solution to this challenge. This blog post explores the mechanisms and benefits of automating pH control, utilizing the comprehensive capabilities of the Eggsbee ecosystem.

Understanding pH Control in Bioprocesses

pH control in bioreactors is critical for maintaining an environment conducive to the desired microbial or cell culture activity. Various methods can be employed to adjust and stabilize pH, including the addition of acid or base solutions and the infusion of CO2 in CO2-dependent media. The choice of method often depends on the specific requirements of the bioprocess and the organisms being cultured.

The Eggsbee Approach to pH Management

The Eggsbee pH module and Eggsbee base module, combine their advanced sensors and automation features that enable precise pH control throughout the bioprocess lifecycle. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Preparing pH Adjustment Solutions

For acid/base control, users prepare solutions of known concentrations. Common choices include:

  • Acidic Solutions: 1M HCl or 1M acetic acid
  • Basic Solutions: 1M NaOH or 1M KOH

These solutions are stored in reservoirs connected to the bioreactor via the Pump Module. For CO2-dependent pH control, a CO2 supply is linked to the bioreactor’s gas mixing system.

Step 2: Sensor Calibration and Integration

The Eggsbee pH module is equipped with a high-precision pH sensor, essential for real-time pH monitoring. Before initiating the bioprocess, the pH sensor is calibrated using standard buffers to ensure accuracy. This sensor is a cornerstone of the automated pH management system.

Step 3: Configuring Automatic pH Control in Eggsbee Online

With Eggsbee Online, Dynacyte’s cloud-based platform, users can set up automatic feedback loops for pH control. The platform allows for the specification of a target pH range, with automated triggers for corrective actions when deviations occur.

Implementing Automatic pH Control Strategies

  1. Direct Acid/Base Addition: When the pH sensor detects deviations from the target range, Eggsbee Online triggers the Pump Module to add either acid or base until the desired pH is re-established. This method is straightforward and effective for most bioprocesses.

  2. CO2 Infusion: In CO2-dependent media, altering the CO2 concentration can adjust the pH. Eggsbee Online can control the bioreactor’s gas mixing system to increase or decrease CO2 flow, achieving the desired pH level.

  3. Dynamic Adjustments: The real-time data feed into Eggsbee Online enables dynamic adjustments to the pH control strategy. Users can refine acid/base addition rates or CO2 infusion based on the process’s ongoing needs, optimizing for performance and yield.

Advantages of Automated pH Management with Eggsbee

  • Precision: Automated pH control ensures the maintenance of optimal conditions for cell growth and product formation, enhancing process outcomes.

  • Efficiency: Reduces the need for manual monitoring and adjustments, freeing up valuable time and resources for other aspects of bioprocess management.

  • Adaptability: The ability to dynamically adjust pH control strategies in response to real-time data allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness to process variations.

  • Scalability: Automated pH management is easily scalable, from small-scale research bioreactors to large-scale production systems, ensuring consistency across different scales.

In summary, the integration of advanced pH sensors, automated feedback loops, and cloud-based monitoring and control in the Eggsbee ecosystem represents a leap forward in bioprocess technology. By leveraging these features, bioprocess professionals can ensure precise, efficient, and adaptable pH management, driving improvements in bioproduction outcomes. The Eggsbee Bioreactor system not only simplifies complex bioprocessing tasks but also empowers researchers and producers to achieve their goals with greater ease and confidence.


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