Important notice about your Eggsbee™ USB-C port

The Eggsbee™ USB-C port is a proprietary electrical connection used exclusively for the Eggsbee™ hardware ecosystem. It's an important component that allows Eggsbee™ devices to communicate with each other and with Eggsbee™ Online, and it should only be used for this purpose.

It's important to note that the Eggsbee™ USB-C port is not designed to be used with non-Eggsbee™ devices. Plugging non-Eggsbee™ devices into the Eggsbee™ USB-C port can result in serious damage to the device and potentially dangerous situations.

The Eggsbee™ USB-C port is a high-powered connection that can provide up to 24 volts of electricity at times. This voltage is not suitable for non-Eggsbee™ devices that may not be able to handle such high levels of power. Plugging in non-Eggsbee™ devices can result in a risk of electric shock, damage to the device, or even cause a fire hazard if the foreign device is not designed properly.

To prevent any damage to your Eggsbee™ devices or other issues, it's important to only use the USB-C port for Eggsbee™ devices. Eggsbee™ devices are specifically designed to work with this proprietary connection, and they have the necessary components and protections in place to ensure safe and effective operation.

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