About Us

Dynacyte offers the all-new Eggsbee™ bioreactor - a bioreactor built from the ground up to be more capable, more intuitive, and 100% cloud enabled. With a completely integrated design, full wrap-around electronic thermal jacket, control points, and distributed sensors all around, Eggsbee™ delivers a powerful way to get things done, create and stay connected. Add on powerful accessories designed just for Eggsbee™ and enjoy the power of science at every step of the way.

Our Story

At Dynacyte, our journey is as unique as the solutions we offer.

Our story began with one of our founders facing a daunting challenge in their previous microbial technology company. We were making high value molecules for large companies. We had customers waiting and the hurdle was scaling up cultures to meet demanding production volumes - a common stumbling block for many in this field. High-cost of large bioreactors were beyond reach, threatening to bottleneck the company's growth.

In a plot twist, the team overcame this obstacle by using thousands of 2 liter media bottles for production. On a daily basis, a team of diligent technicians we hired would check each bottle manually. This grassroots method not only worked, but provided unexpected interesting advantages due to the enormous compartmentalization. The production runs, though labor intensive, propelled the company to new heights, allowing it to scale production effectively.

These successes sparked a question that changed everything: Could this scale out approach be universally applied to various cells and bioprocesses? Our investigations led to a groundbreaking conclusion – the inception of Eggsbee and its versatile, modular, and robotic architecture. The Eggsbee concept is simple yet revolutionary: By combining different modules, any bioprocess or culture becomes feasible. Moreover, once optimized on a single Eggsbee unit, scaling out production using multiple 1 liter Eggsbees is straightforward and efficient, and with built-in intelligence, they could be automated.

Creating the Eggsbee required starting from scratch. Our founders, who had also previously worked together on challenging projects, brought together their extensive expertise in biology, physics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, consumer electronics, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Today, Eggsbee stands as a testament to our belief that the right combination of talent, experience, and vision can lead to extraordinary innovations. We are proud to have our products serving customers worldwide, including North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

At Dynacyte, we're more than just a biotechnology company; we're a story of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of revolutionizing bioprocessing. Join us on our journey as we continue to break new ground and shape the future of biotechnology.

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