Dynacyte's mission is to make biotech accessible and affordable to everyone

We make it possible by building the physical and virtual foundations to learn, discover, and execute bioprocesses easily.

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Eggsbee™ Fermenter for Home

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Currently in beta:

Eggsbee™ Fermenter

The powerful bioreactor that is easy to use.

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Why Eggsbee™

Eggsbee™ is your tiny, powerful bioreactor. If you need a beer brewing system or want to set up a biotech factory, if you want to learn about and create a cool biomolecule, if you want to sustain an exotic lifeform, you can do it all with Eggsbee™.

What is Eggsbee™

It’s a bioreactor. Boom. Eggsbee™ has all the features you expect from a bioreactor, and a bit more: temperature control, biosensors, wireless online monitoring, and AI powered analytics for all your day-to-day use.

What can Eggsbee™ do?

Want a home bioreactor? You’ve got it. Need to build yourself a system to multiply cells? You can do that. Want to make an automatic farm for genetically modified micro algae? A bit weird, but sure. Dynacyte offers bioreactors to fit a huge range of needs and applications of all shapes and sizes.

How is Eggsbee™ sustainable?

Save animals. Save plants. Save the planet. Save money. At 50 watts, Eggsbee™ uses less power than an incandescent lightbulb. Not only is this better for your wallet, it’s also kinder to the planet.

Don’t process, when you can bioprocess. That’s what green means.