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  • Advanced Affordability

    Dynacyte uses the latest mass manufacturing technologies, advanced sensor integration, and production automation to bring you the most advanced technologies at the lowest cost.

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  • Integrated Instrumentation

    Eggsbee® modules are jam-packed with instrumentation and controls, such as integrated arrays of sensors and off-gas monitors built into the shell. Data streams flow elegantly into a unified exportable storage format.

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  • Cloud Enhancement

    With hybrid control systems, you can access, control, and monitor your bioreactor process data from anywhere and collaborate with your team using Eggsbee® Online. If the internet goes down, the onboard computer will keep things going and save your data.

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Cell Culture and Fermentation Bundles

Bundled packages with the full works will have you running in less than a day. Connect Eggsbee® to Wi-Fi and control or program it using Eggsbee® Online. Ideal for cell culture. All products ship by air.

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  • Modularity

    Modular bioreactors allow you to easily upgrade or modify your bioreactor as your needs change, making it possible to adapt to new experiments or research initiatives.

  • Copy and Paste

    Once you've determined the optimal parameters for your experiments on one device, you can easily duplicate your setup on other bioreactors to achieve unlimited scalability.

  • Repeatability

    By using standardized components, you can ensure that your experiments are consistent across multiple bioreactors.

Need more advanced functions?

Connect up modules to expand your capabilities. Plug in modules and they will automatically appear in Eggsbee® Online for you to design and use.

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  • Transparency

    We believe in the power of openness and honesty. That's why we list all our products and their prices directly online. We're committed to allowing our customers to make informed decisions without delay.

  • Innovation

    From modular bioreactors to cloud analytics, every product we offer embodies our commitment to leading through innovation, ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced tools and technologies.

  • Customer-Centricity

    Our customers are the reason we exist, and we're dedicated to building long-term relationships. We listen to our customers, adapting our offerings based on feedback and the challenges they face.

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