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Eggsbee Calix Bundle (Base Module + Dual Pump Module, ph Module & DO Module, with Superstirrer Option)

Eggsbee Calix Bundle (Base Module + Dual Pump Module, ph Module & DO Module, with Superstirrer Option)

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Superstirrer Module

Includes the Eggsbee Base Module, the Dual Pump Module, the pH Module (pH reader & probe) and DO Module (DO reader & probe), with the option to include the Superstirrer Module.

Eggsbee Calix is internally fitted with instrumentation and controls including:

- 8x optical density (OD) sensors
- 4x independent temperature circuits with co-processors
- 4x contact thermometers in the thermal jacket
- 1x infrared (IR) sensor for measuring in-vessel temperature
- 1x carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor for integrated off-gas monitoring
- 8x volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor for integrated off-gas monitoring  (compatible with Autogrow™ Beta add-on)
- 1x internal magnetic stirrer, high strength rare earth magnetic design, programmable electronic feedback control
- 2x Eggsbee™ protocol USB-C jacks (use only with Eggsbee™ devices due to power delivery specifications)
- Wi-Fi enabled
- Internal Eggsbee™ Online & Bioworlds™ Gateway-enabled Access Client Computer

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    Product Specifications

    Eggsbee™ Base Module

    Weight: 1,200 g

    Base Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 330 mm

    Power Adaptor: Wall plug requirements: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz; Max. power consumption: 60 W

    Operating System: EggOS 1.0

    Networking: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n up to 150 Mbps); Bluetooth

    Remote Management: Eggsbee™ Online

    Platform Integration: BIOWORLDS™ compatible

    Alarm Indicator: Audible alarm

    Built-in Temperature Management: Solid state thermal jacket 0-60 °C (0.1 °C); Multiply redundant thermal control systems

    Built-in Optical Density, Foam, and Level Sensing: Real-time optical sensors

    Built-in Magnetic Stirrer Driver: 0-300 rpm, controllable acceleration profile

    Built-in Illumination: White broadband LED, controllable

    Accessory Docking: Eggsbee™ power & data protocol; Magnetic connector; USB-C (Eggsbee™ only) hookup

    Eggsbee™ Internal Vessel

    Max Volume: 1 L

    Vessel Material: Glass

    Cap Options: 4-port or 6-port options

    Eggsbee™ Gas Monitor Add-on

    Form factor: internal

    Gas Analyzers: 1x CO2, 8x VOC, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity (RH)

    Analysis Platforms: Eggsbee™ Online; BioWorlds™

    Eggsbee™ Pump Module

    Pump Module Weight: 1,100 g

    Pump Module Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 80 mm

    Built-in Pump Drivers: 2 x Dynacyte pumps; Method: curvilinear peristaltic; Liquid and gas compatible

    Flow Rate: Liquid: 0 - 90 mL/min/pump; Gas: 0 - 150 mL/min/pump; Speed controllable; Bidirectional: injection & extraction

    Daisy Chainable: Yes